Human Element

  • To provide Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities without discrimination
  • To actively support Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying Policies
  • To promote a healthy, safe and secure work environment for all employees
  • To uphold a Just (No-Blame) Culture at all levels
  • To provide Mental Wellbeing development programmes and support

Business Ethics

Committed to the highest integrity and social responsibility in all business practices, including:

1 – Incorporating safeguards to control the impact of its operations to the society and the environment

2 – Promoting transparency throughout its processes and operations.

3 – Undertaking an obligation to society, in the form of commitment to national & international regulations.

4 – Implementing an ISO14001 & ISO50001 approved Environmental & Energy Efficiency

5 – Management System to control / reduce the environmental impact of operations.

6 – Promoting ethical behaviour to all employees and stakeholders.